My name is Ryo. This is my projects blog.

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What’s this blog about?

One of the (many) things I like to rant about, is how we have so much technology, yet how little we truly benefit from it. Take for example the smart phone. It is a more powerful computer than the guidance computers used in the Apollo modules that put men on the moon. What do we use it for? Flinging angry fowl, that’s what.

After ranting for a while, I realized that I wasn’t making the situation any better. So I decided to get off my fat ass, and do something. Something interesting. I’m working on an ambitious project, and this blog will chronicle my progress. I’m not going to tell you what this project is, because the process is more important than the outcome. Along the way, I will share what I learn. If what I share educates or inspires someone else in a small way, I’ll consider that a success.


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